"Toiletries, hygiene, maintenance and childcare": the complete list of products that supermarkets can sell from this Wednesday

"Toiletries, hygiene, maintenance and childcare": the government specified Tuesday, November 3 in the morning of the list of products that supermarkets can continue to sell during confinement, in addition to those already considered as essential.

In a decree specifying a previous decree, published in the Official Journal, the government stipulates that shopping centers and supermarkets "can only welcome the public for activities" which were already authorized, in particular food, newspapers and stationery, building materials or hardware, "as well as for the sale of toiletries, hygiene, maintenance and childcare products." The government left a "tolerance" until Wednesday for the application of the measured.

In addition, a reception capacity gauge has been set up obliging the establishments concerned not to be able to “accommodate a number of customers greater than that allowing each one to reserve an area of 4 m2”.The maximum reception capacity must be “Displayed and visible from outside” stores.In addition, “when local circumstances require it, the departmental prefect can limit the maximum number of customers that can be accommodated in these establishments,” the text specifies.

In the name of "equity" and health security

The government specifies in its decree that home activities are authorized on condition that they are also “if they were carried out in establishments open to the public.” This notably excludes home hairdressers, as the Minister announced on Monday.of the economy, Bruno Le Maire.

Posted Date: 2020-12-31

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